Prom is an fantastic occasion that will create a lifetime of memories for students as they celebrate the end of high school. Picking the perfect venue to host your school’s prom will ensure that this year’s senior class will have an amazing night. Salvatore’s Italian Gardens in Buffalo, NY should be your choice for prom this year. In addition to this, our event coordinators will decorate the prom hall to create a delightful atmosphere for the students. At Salvatore’s, we aim to create memories that will last a lifetime when you plan your Buffalo, New York prom with us.

Our prom venue has the exciting feel of a nightclub with our use of LED lighting, furniture and other decorations. As a modern and trendy prom venue, we take pride in our ability to convert our banquet hall to an unrecognizable venue for eating, dancing and creating memories.

When it comes to proms, the menu is critical. After a long day of getting ready, taking pictures and traveling to the venue, students are excited to eat. At Salvatore’s, we offer a variety of menus to choose that will satisfy every taste bud. As catering professionals, we have created excellent menus that all of the students will enjoy.

Salvatore’s keeps the students in mind when planning proms in Buffalo, NY. Our party professionals are dedicated to creating a lively and energetic atmosphere the students will enjoy as they celebrate one of their last times together in high school.